Marketing Campaign and Rebrand

Motion Graphics, Marketing, Websites and Graphic Art

What did we do?

All West Engineering wanted to put an emphasis on customer service and increase awareness around it.



All West Engineering approached us in 2018 to revamp their brand and help improve their company culture by focusing on customer service, quality and safety. We developed the new company slogan ‘We go Beyond’ as a representation of the companies quest to always go above and beyond.



We developed phrases to represent the core values of the company such as: ‘We go Beyond Quality’, ‘We go Beyond Service’ etc. We were then tasked with applying this new brand message to a range visual mediums including a complete rebuild of their website, merchandise, video and vehicle signage.



With the new campaign roll out, we created an employee onboarding pack which included merchandise branded with the new slogan. This gave employees the opportunity to represent All West Engineering and understand the importance of good customer service.

Culture has improved significantly. Since the campaign, we’ve had the pleasure of working with All West Engineering to maintain their brand across all documents, web design, marketing and correspondence.
Now, everything that goes out to an employee, customer or vendor is branded with the important message – “We Go Beyond.”

The Results

All West Engineering’s staff are now more enthusiastic and aware of company expectations for high-quality service.

This is just a small selection of what we do.

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