Promotional Video for Cinema

Motion Graphics & Marketing

What did we do?

We created a video that focuses on the experience 
and culture of Anytime Fitness Hoppers Crossing.



Our strategy for Anytime Fitness’s marketing campaign was to add video. Video has a 75% more engagement over other marketing mediums. It gives an inside look into the gym and can bring Anytime Fitness into the forefront of customer’s minds. Video builds trust and credibility and enables you to connect with the viewer and help them in their decision process.



We were involved in the video process from script writing, casting and filming – to post production. For every video we create, we optimise it for its intended use. In this case, we optimised Anytime Fitness’s video so that it was perfect for screening in cinemas, but we also provided a smaller version for social media channels.



We worked with Village Cinemas and monitored the ad to see its performance with new enquiries coming in. The focus of Anytime Fitness’s video was to show how their gym can benefit the lives of customers. The video was succint and engaging to maintain viewership, within 15 seconds we were able to properly capture the highlighting features of the gym.

The Results

The video was a hit! Anytime Fitness saw a 50% boost in membership enquiries and an increase in conversions.

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