6 Top tips for Instagram

If you don’t have any experience using Instagram then it can seem like a challenge to get followers. But it’s not that tricky. Here are some easy-to-follow tips to get the ball scrolling. (Pun intended).

Keep it relevant

Name the account after your business so people know who you are and will be able to find you if they hear about you elsewhere, and make sure you have a brief description in the bio about your business for people who stumble upon you on Instagram first. 

Your account should only have photos and posts that are related to your business. This could include pictures of your products, pictures of satisfied customers using your services, promotions. Don’t be afraid to be more personal—post pictures of you and your employees at work. People like to see a face behind the business.

You can even do videos on Instagram and add stories for temporary snap shots to maintain engagement.  

Keep it consistent

Stick to a theme and style, but mix it up too. People will get bored fast if you’re posting the same thing every time. A little bit of effort will pay off.

Optimise your posting time

Pick a time during the day when the most people are on Instagram. Stats show that 8 in the morning and 5 in the afternoon are the most popular, when people are on the train to and from work or have a bit of time in the morning to hop on social media before they start their day. If your business targets a particularly audience, think about when they’d most likely check Instagram. Why is this important? People equal followers. The more people who see your stuff, the more followers you’ll get.

Once you’ve picked an optimal time, stick to it. Post regularly. Try at least a couple times a week. This will help you build up your page. You’ll soon notice that every time you post, you get more followers, even if it’s just one or two. Every follower counts!

Take advantage of captions

Describe what you’re doing, use positive, eye-catching words to sell your product. Make the tone reflect your business. Use emojis. Again, social media is the place to be more friendly and creative. Ask yourself before you post, does this sound approachable or distant and businesslike?

Reach more people with hashtags

Hashtags will go below your caption, or take place of a caption if don’t have one for a particular post. Search for hashtag trends in your field and incorporate them. Make them as broad as possible, while still being relevant, to reach different people and groups. Don’t go too crazy, but don’t feel restricted either. You can even create your own hashtags, such as your business name. This will increase the likelihood of people finding you.

Follow similar businesses

This is where you’ll find the best inspiration—see what popular companies are doing on their pages and imitate them. You’ll be able to learn trends this way. This opens your network prospects too. Your followers can see who you follow, so again, keep everything relevant.