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Terms of Cancellation:

I agree that by cancelling the items I have specified that Bebble will cancel all items immediately and may keep a backup of your website (if applicable). I agree that Bebble will only keep my website backup for up to one (1) year and after this time the information may be deleted at Bebble's discretion. I agree that Bebble may also decide not to keep a backup of my website or other works created for any amount of time at Bebble's discretion. I agree that Bebble any backups created will be in a format decided upon by Bebble and this may not with other softwares / methods of restoration and I indemnify Bebble from responsibility of having to ensure that my website can be restored after deletion. I indemnify Bebble from any compensation of works that have been deleted from Bebble's storage / servers. I accept that I will not get a refund for any services Bebble has provided myself / my business. I agree that should I require Bebble to assist myself or another developer to restore my website, gain access to services, products or credentials, I will have to pay a fee for Bebble's assistance which will be quoted accordingly. I agree that by submitting this from I cut all ties to Bebble and that any engagement, assistance or services required from Bebble in the future may incur fees / payment and Bebble is under no obligation to provide unpaid engagement, services or assistance.

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