Low-budget marketing ideas!

You’re in a bit of a conundrum because you need to market your business so you can make more money, but you don’t have enough money yet, of course, to do it. How do you break out of this vicious cycle? Before you stress too much, you’ll be relieved to know there are a plenty of ways to put your brand out there without putting all of your money into it. Here are just a few:

Social media

Create a Facebook and an Instagram page. These won’t even touch your baby budget because they’re free and don’t require external professionals to set up or manage, which means you can do them yourself. They’re a great way to showcase your product and tell people what you do and sell, and allow people to contact you. You can also use these to follow other groups and businesses that do similar things. Spreading your social network is one of the easiest ways to get an online presence.


This is something you should actually invest in. While you can build your own website yourself, it’s smarter to hire a professional web designer to do it for you, so that your website looks impressive and isn’t limited in its functions. 

This one expense will be the gift that’ll keep on giving. You can do so much with a website—post content such as blogs and videos focused on your line of work, post photos of your products or services, give potential customers a way to contact you, and link your social media accounts so that people have more than one place to find you—the more the better. You can even set up an online store. People will have a lot more incentive to buy your stuff if they don’t even have to leave their house to do it!

Email Subscriptions

Set up a mailing list and give people the option on your website to subscribe to a monthly newsletter or a weekly update on new products and deals. Offer special deals to subscribers for incentive and make the most of the content you’re sending out. 

Free Samples

People love getting free stuff! Let them warm to you, but more importantly, let them find out how awesome your products or services are by giving them a taste. This a costlier option than the others, but depending on what your business is, it won’t be by much. Save a bit more money by doing a competition. You can promote this on your website, social media and physically at local events. It’ll attract interest and even the people who don’t win might become customers in the future.

A couple of hints…

Just remember, once you put something online, it’s a representation of your business. Always be as informed as possible. Check out how other businesses are using these platforms and executing these ideas—pay attention to the more successful ones. Make sure your content is quality.

Quantity is important too. Your Instagram won’t look too good if there’s only a couple of pictures on your page. If you decide to start a blog, then you gotta commit to it. Don’t spam your followers, but still post regularly enough to remind people that your business exists. Consistency is key.

Once things start moving and money starts coming in, don’t overlook the value of professionals who can manage marketing for you, be they writers, designers, photographers or social media experts. They’ll be able to take some of this work off your hands once your business starts booming, and help it to grow even bigger.