What is a brand and how do I get one?

Branding is essential for any successful business. Your brand is your identifier, your trademark, your essence. Your aim as a small, maybe even new, business is to build your brand so that potential customers have a way to recognise you. Your brand is your business.


So how do you create an essence? This will be expressed through things like colour schemes, slogans, fonts, icons, symbols and images. These will all work together to create a certain image. Do you want to look professional? Fun? Welcoming? Skilled? Reliable? Artistic? This image will affect how people feel about your business. Do you want them to feel relaxed? Excited? Happy? Reassured?


Here’s an example of branding Bebble did for Dorothy’s of Werribee, a florist. This included a logo, font, colour palette and slogan. Notice how the floral illustrations and the mix of soft pastels and bold colours represent and make you think of their product—flowers. The way all the elements tie together also create a friendly, welcoming feel, which is appropriate for this local family-owned business.





Once you’ve created a brand, image, mood, you need to publicise it. You can use all sorts of media to do this. A good starting point is creating a business name and logo. These can then be applied to your business cards, website, products and packaging, company clothing and anything else that might represent your business in the digital and physical world. For Dorothy’s of Werribee, we created business cards, signs for their brick and mortar shop, product stickers and tags, and an e-commerce store so customers can order flowers online.


Give your business an identity and focus on your brand. It’s not as scary or hard as it seems. You would’ve started your business with a vision—be proud of that vision and project it onto your brand.