What is website hosting?

Web hosting is one of those behind-the-scenes things. Your website is made up of code and files, and these need to be stored somewhere. Web hosting companies have reliable servers that can hold these for you. Servers are just computers that ‘serve’ this stored information that makes up a website to anyone who visits it. It’s like renting a little bit of the internet off a provider so you can put your website on display and become accessible to visitors.

Pretend your website is a person. They need somewhere to live, a place to store all their belongings, so they find a share house and decide to rent one of the rooms. It has storage for their stuff, including important files and documents. They also now have their own space so their friends can come and visit them. 

Web hosting is the share house. It’s not the website itself, but the place where the website exists.

Most DIY website buildersand professional web designers will set you up with web hosting or provide it on the side. For instance, WordPress hosts about a quarter of the websites on the internet.

Web hosting is just another necessity for your website. For small businesses, hosting can cost around $10 to $30 a month, depending on how much traffic your website gets and if you have additional features like e-commerce. It’s a relatively low expense to ensure that your website will run smoothly 24/7 and won’t risk crashing.