What makes a good logo?

There are millions of logos out there—one for every business imaginable. If you’re starting up your own business, you’re going to need one too. It’s important that your logo is effective; it acts as the masthead for your company, the thing that goes on all of your products, business cards, brochures, website and so on. Ultimately, it represents you, the thing people associate with your business. Having a poor logo will lead to poor representation. But how will you know if yours is effective or not?

Think of the logos that stand out in your memory. Most likely they’re clean and minimal. You don’t want too much going on in your design. The busier a logo is, the harder it is for a potential client to even remember it—and that’s where the association begins. Just think, less is more. This includes the colour scheme, shapes, icons, fonts and words. Stick to just a few.

The simpler your logo design is, the more flexible it will be too. Will it need to be printed on a T-shirt for uniforms? Will it go on a small business card anda large poster? Will it go on a product, and are there variations of this product? For example, if you’re a cosmetic brand, you’ll have all sorts of bottles and containers in different shapes and sizes. If there’s too much going on in the design, it’s unlikely the logo will comfortably fit on all of them. This is a practicality issue and something you should always keep in mind.

Relevancy is also important. Remember, the logo is representing you, so think about what it’s saying to your potential clients. Is it professional? Does it give any indication about who you are as a business—such as a name, an acronym, initials or a symbol—without being overkill? When people see it, will they think of your business? This is something that will develop the more prominent you become but, especially if you’re just starting out, helping people to associate your logo with your business through the logo design is something you’ll want to consider.