What’s a DIY website?

We’re well into the 21st century and it’s almost impossible to run a successful business without a website. Having an online presence brings traffic to your business. It’s one of the easiest ways for potential clients to find you. Everyone’s online these days. One quick Google search and they can discover what your business is about and how to contact you. But you’re not a web designer. Your skills lie in floristry, hospitality, accounting, mechanics. Building a website is a necessity, but it’s not the reason you started a business.

There are options out there to help you. One of them is doing it yourself. DIY services are abundant these days. You go online, create an account, fill in the details, set up your website, use the prefilled design aspects or customise it to make it how you want it to look. The whole time, you are in direct control. 

These services are seemingly cost-effective, and that’s what gives them wide appeal, but lately that isn’t the case. Most of them startedout free, but with high demand, they’re beginning to charge users after free 30-day trials. Sure, in that time you can create your website, but you’ll have to eventually invest in order to maintain and update it. In other words, you’ll be paying to do the work yourself. Meanwhile, you’re also busy working and making sure your business is running smoothly. So the DIY option, while tempting at first, isn’t really saving you any money or time.

Another option is turning to a web design company or digital agencyand putting your website into their hands. This might seem daunting: you’re not in control the way you would be creating the website yourself. But web design companies are always dedicated to tailoring their services to each client’s needs. They have real people with real credentials who care about your business. Unlike those DIY services, you have the chance to meet and discuss with people who have the appropriate skill set to make your vision a reality. They want you to be happy with your website and will apply a level of expertise to make it the best it can be so that you can impress potential clients and customers.

This will also give you more control. DIY services have limited design tools and options. You’ll only have a few templates to choose from, so your website will end up looking like everyone else’s, and you won’t have the tools to achieve the effect you’re going for—quality, professional representation of your business.

Hiring a company to build your website might seem like the more expensive route too. This isn’t ideal, especially if you’re a small business trying to save money wherever you can. But remember, you still have to pay for DIY services, which don’t actually provide you with much. Web design companies will stick with you the whole way, from creating the website to maintaining it and updating the information when your business grows—things that would take up your time if you chose to do it yourself. Web design companies will also give you trouble-shooting support if anything goes wrong. Think of it this way: if there was something wrong with your car and you needed it fixed, or even if you just needed it serviced, you’d leave it to a mechanic rather than attempting to repair it yourself.

Don’t be fooled by DIY services. Investing in a web design company to handle your website and promote your business will be much more effective and save you time, so you can spend it managing your business.